Osmium Chino
£40.00 £19.99
Amazonite T-Shirt
£21.00 £5.99
Repurposing the purity of the feldspar from which it takes its name, the Amazonite showcases perfectly the potential for refinement and charisma to still entwine successfully when left up to the right designer. Acting as v-necked counterpart to the popular Alexandrite, Amazonite emanates a restrained sophistication in order to offer widespread practical application.
Alexandrite T-Shirt
Sold Out
As straight up as they come, the Alexandrite tee is favoured for its simplistic yet carefully calibrated features. A classic slim fit cut, this shirt is all about accentuating and improving both form and appearance. Detailed with muscle-fit cuffs, crew neck and a clean, consistent colouration; Alexandrite speaks to the modern man through an ability to perform consistently as part of any casual-to-well dressed composition.
Ammolite T-Shirt
£25.00 £5.99
Ammolite brings straightforward and accessible design to the table. Nothing more, nothing less. Coupling a strong crew neck and bound sleeve cuffs with textural colouring to provide a relaxed, easy fit, this t-shirt typifies the confident attitude of BORN RICH. Representing the middle ground between durability and comfort, Amolite is at home in any setting, carrying the wearer in a sophisticated and casual demeanor.
Apatite T-Shirt
£25.00 £5.99
Apatite represents a cross-section of ideas within the BORN RICH ethos. Fusing a close, well-tailored v-neck with a slight stone-effect majority cotton finish, this t-shirt offers compatibility across the board, rendering it suitable for any man in any scenario. Lifting its name from the widely occurring pale mineral, Apatite is a light and easy-fit garment that goes far to ensure optimal comfort and appearance for the wearer.
Palladium Knitwear
£45.00 £19.99
Bloodstone T-Shirt
£30.00 £6.99
Defining everything that’s appealing about a long sleeve tee, Bloodstone is as ornate as it is subtle. A bound narrow v-neck grounds the garment and offers a definite modern edge, while the single colouration makes it widely suited to any number of casual or more formal occasions. This universal applicability is rightly what many men seek in their attire, and with Bloodstone that’s exactly what they’re going to get.
Axinite T-Shirt
£25.00 £5.99
The BORN RICH Axinite is a cut tailored towards the ambitious, confident modern gent - it’s as simple as that. A raw rolled edge, deep scoop-necked lightweight tee, it features a tasteful text print on its frontside and a plain back. Different shades deliver different logo intensities and the custom shaped colour offers something that’s both refreshing and distinctive without detracting from the garments universal suitability.
Allnatt Jacket
£75.00 £24.99
An ability to keep the elements at bay is worthless if looks go out of the window. That’s why Allnatt – a BORN RICH staff favourite – offers both protection and style by the bucket load.
Agate T-Shirt
Sold Out
Fresh, linear and relaxed, Agate embodies the free-formed approach popular within mens design for so long now. Combining a narrow v-neck with lightweight, ultra-soft fabric makes for a rested and contemporary garment applicable to any casual scenario or wardrobe. The shirts distinct shoulder panel detailing provides a close, form enhancing fit across all body types - bolstered further by short and stylishly tapered sleeves.
Larimar Polo
£35.00 £9.99
Taking things up a notch from the Iolite, the Larmiar packs in many of the same features as its counterpart
Almandine Jacket
£55.00 £14.99
Men's biker jacket with reverse water-proof zipper cf opening and zip pockets. press stud fastened collar and cut & sew panel features. 3-layer metal & leather badge to left side chest & outer cb neck as worn and metal buckle adjusters to side waist at back.
Cleopatra Jeans
£55.00 £15.99
Men's 5-pocket denim jean with scooped front pockets with sewn in penny pocket to right side as worn. Self-fabric back patch pockets with cut & sew panel, 6 self-fabric belt loops with angled loop between centre back. 3-layer metal & leather badge folded & stitch down to penny pocket and gloss printed leather label to right side back waistband as worn.
Diopside Jacket
Sold Out
Men's jacket with metal chain cf zip opening and zip pockets. ribbed collar, sleeve cuffs & hem and pu leather piping detail to zippers and front chest panel. ribbed pu leather inner collar feature and stitched rib feature to front panels & cb hem panel. 3-layer metal & leather badge to left side chest as worn.
Sunstone Jacket
Sold Out
Men's hooded jacket with metal chain cf zip opening and zip pockets. stitch feature to front & back body and hood and ribbed sleeve cuffs and hem.
Kyanite Shirt
£30.00 £9.99
Mens long sleeve shirt with branded button down placket & collar. Cut and swen forward shoulder seams and back yoke feature and woven label to left side hem.
Tantalum Gilet
£60.00 £19.99
The power of a good quality gilet shouldn’t be underestimated. Though they’re not for everyone, body warmers are nonetheless a vital aspect of millions of wardrobes both in the colder seasons and the summer and spring
Melanite Trainers
£55.00 £19.99
Tanzanite Hoodie
£45.00 £14.99
Different sweats call for different situations. When you’re headed down to the gym or out for a run, you need a light and breathable hoody to help regulate comfort. If you’re out and about in the cold, a thicker sweat is needed; it’s basic stuff.
Andres T-Shirt
£27.00 £12.99
With its bubble cotton texture and sleek, understated horizontal stripe feature throughout, the Andres manages to combine several prominent modern elements into one composed and stylish package. A stock crew neck is paired with hemmed sleeves and a sewn-on patch pocket boasting an embossed metal badge to offer that little something extra. Our guess is that this shirt will prove one of the seasons more popular.
Polonium Trunks 3pk - Tri-Colour
£32.00 £9.99
Arjen T-Shirt
£27.00 £12.99
Throwing back to the intricate yet emboldened chest logo of last season’s Peridot, the Arjen takes the same premise and throws it slightly off-target to offer the wearer something brand new. A short sleeve t-shirt with a bound crew neck, raised rubber & foil printing and rubber print to the back right-side hem as worn – this is a real catch by any fashionista’s standard.
Iridium Trunks 3pk - Tri-Colour
£30.00 £9.99
Mens trunks 3pk Iridium
Bastian Polo
£35.00 £16.99
Smart and steady, the Bastian is a raglan style polo shirt. It features an enhanced rib feature that is sure to go some way towards adding all-important definition to any outfit. In a summer clothing landscape dominated with classic design choices, the Bastian offers something that manages to be fresh without being overbearing. Rounded out with our classic 3-layer brand badge and rubber print the back of the neck.
Beckam T-Shirt
£25.00 £12.99
An absolute sunshine magnet and a straight up nod to one of the modern eras greatest. The Beckam is a short-sleeved t-shirt decked out with a carefully bound crew neck as well as sleeve cuffs, distinct rubber printing to the outer back neck and our very own 3-layer branded badge at pride of place on the left side chest. There’s little question of this garments relevance in any modern thinking man’s wardrobe.
Benzema Swim Shorts
£30.00 £12.99
It can be easy to overlook the strength of design in a pair of swimming shorts in favour of the way they look. Given their most common application: poolside in the sunshine, this is both inevitable and natural. Our Benzema swims solve this issue by looking great and possessing a design and build that can’t be matched. Velcro fastened, side and back openings, rubber printing = full package.
Busquets Shirt
£37.00 £17.99
Designed to provide equal parts comfort and flair, the Busquets short sleeve is at home as part of a casual ensemble as it is around the workplace. Our designers pride themselves on offering customer’s multi-dimensional garments – and with the Busquets have succeeded once again. Featuring a jetted pocket with button fastening to the left side chest as worn, a hanging loop feature and an embossed metal badge to boot!
Cristiano T-Shirt
£25.00 £12.99
Espousing the enduring consistency and unpredictable vibrancy of its namesake, the Cristiano t-shirt is a bona fide classic in waiting. A short sleeve 100% cotton piece, it makes the perfect addition to any summertime outfit – either on its lonesome or when layered. Complete with a deep scoop neck and a small brand embossed metal badge to the left side chest – it’s got some serious finesse.